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Goals vs Objectives

Posted Jan 31 2011 11:53am
Wow, it's already the end of January.  All I can say is thank GOD.  I find myself wishing my life away lately.  
  • I wish it was May and school was done with for the semester.  
  • I wish it was April and I was in the final stretch.  
  • I wish it was summer and warm so I could relax, run all the time, and go to the beach.  
  • I wish I was 30 and never had to look at another 14 pound text book again.  I think the stresses of school are really starting to get to me, and anxiety is at an all time high.  I guess for now I'll just try and find a way to cope with the stress and do my best. 

  • My goals for January were:
    - Run up to 5 miles without stopping- Run up to 6 miles without stopping- Lose 8 pounds by Valentines Day - hefty goal, but doable if I put my mind to it.  I"m giving myself 6 weeks to do it too.

    The last goal, I gave myself another 2 weeks for this deadline.  I don't think I've done that great in trying to achieve it.  I could be snacking less at night.  I didn't have to eat out as much for restaurant week.  I think in the future I am going to try and make active goals, where hopefully weight loss is a pleasant side effect.  Right now I have a lot of pressure on me to do well in school, and I don't need to add any more pressure on myself concerning weight.

    I suppose it's about time to make some February goals.  In one of my pharmacy management classes (see I do actually pay attention in class), my teacher went over the difference between a goal and an objective.  Goals are generally more broad, such as be the best runner ever.  Objectives are more specific, such as run 7 miles without stopping.  Just thought I'd share that tidbit of information with you all.

    Goals for February:- Run 7 miles without stopping.- Try not to sweat the small stuff.- Work my absolute hardest towards school.- Exercise at least 5 days out of every week.- Log 70 miles in the month of February

    In January, I logged 52 miles (not including walking to classes, etc.)  For my goal of 1000 in 2011, I really need to be getting closer to 83 miles per month.  Also the more I run the more my other goals of weight loss and improved running will get.   I set a goal of 70 miles for February (it is a shorter month after all) because I don't want to get too far behind that I don't reach my goal of 1000 come 2012.  I know I will have a lot more time in the summer to run, so if I can just keep up the best I can now, I can hopefully catch up on some miles then. 
    After not exercising for the past 3 days, I'm feeling extra lazy.  I had planned on it, but I was simply lacking motivation.  I recently read some awesome mantras on Julie's blog.   I'm going to start posting on days that I don't really have the drive to workout.

    My day- study- find some food...somewhere- go food shopping at some point- gym- tutoring for P&T
    Today's mantra:  You are blessed to have legs that allow you to run.
    February love <3
    Stay tuned for my next giveaway which will be up shortly!
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