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Goals, goals, goals

Posted Feb 17 2010 7:02pm

You’re probably thinking, Lexie, don’t you have a midterm tomorrow? Yes. Yes I do. Which is why you absolutely shouldn’t be surprised that I’m not studying. To be honest, I’ve studied pretty consistently the past three days. My midterm is in International Organizations. I’ve had the professor before and received A’s on all of the exams she’s given. I’m pretty confident. Which is why I am blogging and not studying. :)

With January long gone and February more than half way through, I wanted to evaluate my progress on my fitness resolutions for 2010. My resolutions, which hang on my mirror, were to 1) Run a race 2) do an unassisted pullup, and 3) find my abs.

This morning I met up with Evie for another AM workout session. I began with lat pull downs and assisted pull ups. The lowest weight I assisted this morning was 64 pounds. I’m assisted well less then half my weight. Good progress I’d say!

As I moved on to the treadmill, I finally broke the one mile barrier. I ran 1.3 miles in less than 15 minutes. I would probably have pushed myself farther, had I not needed to get to poetry in the near future. I think I’m going to have to make the AM workouts earlier so I have more time to run. I seriously think I’ll break 2 miles the next time I run. And you know what? Maybe more. I’m learning more and more that running is really very mental, not just physical. I am well aware that I have the physical capabilities to run one mile now, but I find my mind putting up resistance. I have to talk myself into even getting to that one mile point. And usually the only thing that gets me through it is, well, once you get to one mile, you can stop. And I do. Which is probably why I’ve been stuck on one mile for about a month and a half now. Until today. I want to use the mental aspect of running to my advantage, not my disadvantage. I have a mini goal in February to be able to run 3 miles by the end of the month. My body is probably capable of doing that now, but my mind needs a little training. And that’s what I plan to focus on in these last ten days of February in order to achieve my February goal of running 3 miles, and also my overall resolution to run a race. I’m still shopping around for one of those, btw.

And my final goal, finding my abs. I honestly don’t do a lot of ab work because I know it’s not going to help at this point in the game because I have too much fat on my midsection. What is going to help is cardio and eating clean. With that being said, here be my belly:

My conclusion? Yeah. I still think my abs are in there somewhere. Haha. Someday they will surface! And it better be by the time I go to Punta Cana!

Well I’m exhausted, even though I took a 3 hour nap today. I definitely think I’m sick or getting sick. I never nap. Wish me luck on my midterm tomorrow!


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