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Go On a Fitness Cruise

Posted by Mary Ann P.

Shape & Men’s Fitness magazines sponsor Mind & Body fitness cruises. They offer 18 different cardio and strength classes. The have Boot Camp type workouts, Tribal Funk, and Boa Burn among others. There are 16 yoga, meditation, and pilates classes including Reggae yoga, Liquid Length, and Powerball Pilates. They also have nutrition classes, interactive forums and exercise physiology. There are classes geared to all fitness levels so you don’t have to be in peak shape to take them. You can find out more information at It sounds like a great trip to me!

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Meh. I feel like vacations are a time to indulge. I'm all for taking the occasional yoga or meditation class while on a trip, but the whole "boot camp" thing is pretty daunting. Personally, I'd rather either party all out or just relax and do nothing, and let my return to normal life trigger the need for exercise. Then again, if that floats your boat (no pun intended), who am I to judge? :)
I have never heard of such a cruise, but it's an interesting idea. You set off to sea for a week to start down a new path in life. I think one of the reasons a show like Biggest Loser works for people is because you take them out of their environment and teach them new habits. Sometimes it can be hard to pick up new habits when you're in your environment because it's hard to make changes. This is also a nifty idea for fitness lovers - now they can go on vacation with access to all the latest classes and nutrition advice. I'm not sure if I would be up for it, but I'd give it a thought.
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