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Getting to the Core

Posted by Kenna M.

Medicine ball work out is probably the most effective torso training you can find at a gym. A well-equiped gym must have a supply of different size medicine balls for your choice of work out. These work outs are simple to understand and can be done in a short amount of time. Throws are the most common work out done against a wall or with a partner. Such throws can be overhead passes, chest passes and side passes that can be included in your training program.
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Gold's Gym offers a class called 'Pilate's on the ball' and if I can get up early enough :) I want to take the class.
I took that class this morning and it was a great workout! Especially my core!!
I think the core stomach muscles are the most important to keep balanced and strong. This sort of class sounds great...I will look for one!
Medicine ball, on one side give you the flexibility of choosing between your weight regime, but torso trimmig is effective thru push ups.
Is a medicine ball those big soft balls. It doesn't look like it from the picture on the entry. I will look into it as I am always up for something that helps the core muscles!
I love to try new things to keep my routine from getting stale. Sounds like this may have to be the next thing I try.

Med. balls also work great as props when learning to do a single leg squat.

Firm enough to provide 'some' stability (for your raised foot). Round enough to keep you from putting your full weight on that side.

I'm sure this works really well, but I can't bring myself to get a ball. It reminds me too much of PE class.
My friend used the ball during labor and had amazing results. It really made her feel liberated and free, and helped with the pain.
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