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Getting to the Core of Your Core

Posted Oct 09 2013 8:00am
Do you have low back pain? “You should work the core.” Do you have knee pain? “You need to strengthen the core.” Do you want to improve in your sports? Well… “You need to focus on your core workout.” The core has become the go-to answer to whatever fitness-sports injury and non-injury related body issue you may have. Yet the core workout Rx is not just overused, the core definition itself has taken different meanings. For some, the core is another way to say the abdominals, while for others it compromises the lumbo-pelvic hip complex—a broad spectrum from the spine, abdominals, hip muscles, to the pelvic floor muscles. Researchers tend to focus on the second description, which illustrates more than 29 pairs of muscles working to stabilize the spine, pelvis, and hips during any body movement. As you can imagine, with the core being an integral link between the upper and lower body, it is no surprise that lack of core strength can cause adverse loading of the joints, waste of muscle energy, underperformance, and muscle imbalance contributor. Work the Core However, the common advice “you need to work the core” is not the magic fix to many fitness-sports plateau and/or [...]
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