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Getting In Shape For Your High School Reunion

Posted Apr 26 2011 2:17pm

Where did the time go? Wasn’t it just yesterday, that you were moving your tassel to the other side of your hat and throwing it into the air.   And now a Facebook group has formed to get your classmates on board for the twenty year high school reunion. This is the big one.   In most cases, people haven’t seen each other for 10 or 15 years.   There is a lot to catch up on that night, but first impressions are everything.   People will quickly assess if the years have been kind to you Fortunately, there are ways to help you get ready for the reunion.   Exercise may be the best “fountain of youth” for the job.


A personal trainer will go above and beyond for their committed client, scheduling around daily living responsibilities. Most are willing to come to a home, office, or conference room to perform a session. Even places like Central Park can become the backdrop for a great workout. Give a trainer some open space, a wall, and a park bench and you’re in for a serious workout.   Manhattan personal trainers will travel with you or your group and be there whenever there is time in your hectic schedule. Many trainers will make themselves available to you seven days a week. Sometimes for a session, other times for a quick question or some motivation.


Personal Trainers Manhattan may also allow you to come to their facility and offer one session at no charge. This is a great time to ask questions and allow them to explain their different styles and techniques. Manhattan personal trainers can address multiple health issues or they will help you center on your primary target areas. They understand how the body functions so they can serve you with whatever program would best fit you.


A personal trainer Manhattan can work in a one on one setting or with a group of you and your friends or work peers. Knowledgeable, experienced personal trainers can help with you with a personalized exercise program to help you make efficient use of your time in the gym. This is especially important since you’re working with a deadline for reaching these fitness goals, your high school reunion evening.   Your personal trainer can help you feel on top of your game and ready for your reemergence into your “past life.”



Remember, their goal is your goal.   Whether you were captain of the football team or in the marching band, there is always another “reunion” coming up.   They also know that once you’ve worked so hard to achieve your goal, you won’t want to stop there.   After you are showered with compliments at the reunion about how the years have been kind to you, you be ready to hit the gym again.


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