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Getting Fit While Getting Wet

Posted Aug 24 2008 1:49pm
ANNOUNCER: Think your local pool is just for swimming? Well, think again – many people are finding out there's more to do than just laps.

KARA TATELBAUM, AQUALATES INSTRUCTOR : Water exercise is the next big thing in fitness, absolutely. The biggest benefit I see for cross-training. You have to mix all these different things in order to achieve not only aesthetically what you're going for, but to build really strong bones and joints with free muscles.

ANNOUNCER: If you can exercise on land, you can probably do it in the water – and with no loss of results.

AMY BRYANT, AQUALATES STUDENT: It feels easier in the water, but I can tell that it's not, because my muscles tell me later that it really was a workout.

ANNOUNCER: "Aqualates" is one of the many options out there. It's based on Pilates, a system of exercises designed to increase flexibility and strengthen the abdominal and back muscles - often referred to as the body's "core".

KARA TATELBAUM, AQUALATES INSTRUCTOR : Being able to use the buoyancy of the water, makes us as Pilates students able to engage the core more, using the buoyancy

ANNOUNCER: Buoyancy is especially useful for those recovering from injuries. Being in water effectively reduces body weight by up to 90%, relieving stress on joints, bones and muscles. A person can rebuild strength faster and more gently than on land.

KARA TATELBAUM, AQUALATES INSTRUCTOR: I had two of the exact same surgeries done on either -- one on one hip, one on the other. For my most recent surgery, because of my work in the water, my speed of recovery was almost twice as fast.

ANNOUNCER: Of course, aquatics aren't just for the injured

KARA TATELBAUM, AQUALATES INSTRUCTOR: It's also great for trained athletes, trained dancers and people that work out daily.

BRUNO BLUMENFELD, AQUALATES STUDENT: You get to float there and be in the cooling, echoey atmosphere of a pool. I would recommend it 100%.

ANNOUNCER: More than 6 million Americans now exercise in the pool. So, come on in – the water's fine! Thanks for joining us on today's once daily!

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