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Getting Creative and Intuitive With My Workouts at Home

Posted Jul 30 2012 7:00am
home workout

It's funny, right as my love of CrossFit-inspired workouts was seemingly coming to a head— surviving this event , visiting Reebok CrossFit HQ and working out with Bob —my workout plans have since changed, kind of dramatically. I blogged over on Fit Bottomed Mamas about why , but since changing up my weekly workout routine to be a bit gentler on my body, I've learned some things. Some things I think are worth sharing. 3 Reasons I'm Loving My Workouts at Home 1. Workouts at home can be really fun and effective, even without a workout DVD or lots of equipment. It may seem intimidating to create your own workout at home, but it actually can be dang simple. For Ryan and me lately, it's been as simple as writing down five different exercises on a piece of paper, shuffling them, and then doing each for a minute back-to-back for three to five rounds with a minute of rest between each round. The next day, we might select four new moves to do for two minutes each for a total of three rounds with two minutes of rest between each round. Or, we might decide we're going to do 50 of each and just take our time with it. I prefer moves that build strength and get the heart rate up (why you see what you do in the photo above), but the exercises can be anything—burpees, mountain climbers, jacks, squats, bench presses. The options are pretty much limitless! 2. You can chunk it up. I'm not a huge fan of two-a-days, where you do two full workouts in a day (where do those people get the energy, seriously?), but I do dig doing half of a workout here or even a third of one there. I might do 25 minutes of easy yoga in the morning, 50 push-ups and lunges over my lunch break and then a short walk with my dog in the evening. These little bursts of activity are quick, manageable and give you a burst of energy and a feeling of accomplishment throughout your day. They also keep you from sitting so much. 'Cause have you heard? Sitting is the new evil . 3. Workouts at home make it really easy for you to practice intuitive exercise . My  weekly workout routine  has changed in that my workout each day is more flexible. I still walk the dog daily, but I might swap out a day of strength training for power yoga if I feel tight or I might do a quick core circuit (25 sit-ups, 25 V-ups and two minutes of plank works wonders!) in addition to my run if I have extra time. In a nutshell, it gives me total control and allows my workouts to better adapt to my schedule, my energy levels and just what feels right for me to do. I've found, if you really listen to what your body is saying, it'll tell you what to do! Now, with all that said, you do have to have some structure. Otherwise, you might find yourself sitting on the couch, procrastinating about your workout, claiming that your body "needs" to sit and watch reruns of The Glee Project. So, I recommend setting weekly goals and planning out your workouts at least a day in advance (even just scheduling the time you're going to do them helps). I've found that although I'm working out a bit later in the morning, early morning workouts still work best for me . They get me awake and feeling good for the day! Now, I'm not saying that I don't miss my gym or that I won't be psyched to return to the super high-intensity stuff, but for now, I'm embracing my workouts at home. And they're kind of loving me back. My flexibility has improved, my stress levels are down and my triceps have never been stronger. Pretty nice perks! Who else loves doing workouts at home? What are a few of your faves? Do you create your own workouts at home? Let's swap notes—I'd love to hear your ideas and steal, er, I mean borrow, them. —Jenn

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