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Getting a tan... Outside.?

Posted by Jane O.

So it's like super warm out. And I want to get a tan. The sun is pretty intense... is there anything I can do to tan a little bit more/faster outside? I've heard to put baby oil on before.. anything else?
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Do Not Spray!. Well, do not do a spray on tan, because I heard that it causes skin problems in the future, but baby oil can hurt your skin while tanning. It's almost like a frying pan, the oil cooks and can damage your skin while out in the sun. I recommend some tanning lotions with some SPF in them and while you tan, it protects your skin. If I were you, use the lotions (that may take a few days of tanning to notice a difference) rather than using the oil or spray-on. Also, if you just want a more natural tan, just put on sunscreen with an SPF of 15 all summer, and you will get a very noticable tan at the end of summer.
you know, accelerating tanning is not the best idea... . when i was young and sun foolish i used to do all manner of silly things like baby oil and using reflectors. i can't in good conscience encourage you to do the same. what you might want to try is floating in a pool because what i've read is that the reflected light can super charge your tanning, but please do apply sun screen! skin cancer is the most frequently diagnosed cancer and it's just not worth it. try one of those spray on tans if you really have to have a tan.
Not what you want to hear...... I am writing this from my dermotologist office. I am waiting to have yet another skin cancer spot surgically removed from my face from over exposure to the sun. I know you have heard this many times by now, but the short term plus of getting tan is not worth the long term damage you are risking. There are so many other good options right now-- including the lotions that slowing "create" a tan while moisturizing your skin. They aren't as fast as going out and baking in the sun, but they look very natural. They have really improved self tanners so you don't look like a carrot anymore and the color doesn't come off on your clothes like the earliest lotions. Please limit your exposure to the sun and at least TRY some safer options. Skin cancer is very real and very preventable.
Sunlight damages your skin!. The sad truth is that the tanning rays of the sun damage your skin. Putting on a low SPF sunscreen and then lying in a pool or using a reflector to get more exposure will have the same effect as not using sunscreen and staying out in the sun for a shorter time. There is no escaping the fact that getting a tan from sunlight damages your skin, whether you get the tan with baby oil, or despite a low SPF sunscreen. A good sunscreen (SPF 30 or more) will prevent the sunlight-induced skin damage, and will block both tan and sunburn. If you really crave the tanned appearance, spray on tans are the safest way of achieving that look (or a facsimile of that look, at least).
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