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Get Up and Move

Posted Oct 01 2008 5:08pm

As I've spent most of this month either preparing for Hurricane Gustav and working like crazy to pick up from Hurricane Ike, I realized I'd not mentioned the importance of this month's "America on the Move" campaign. With waistlines getting bigger, and budgets getting tighter, it is important that we find sensible ways to help us all beat the battle of the bulge. (Americans and Non-Americans alike)

To do this the America on the Move Foundation has created this handy " 100 Ways to add 2000 Steps" brochure to help us all add in a few extra steps, and burn a few extra calories. (2000 steps is approximately one mile)

A few of the suggestions are great ideas that can be fun and enjoyable for all. For example, walking your children to school or to a friend's house is a great way to enjoy a beautiful day and add in a little social interaction with loved ones. You could listen to a book on an Ipod (Harry Potter is my favorite Ipod book) or you could listen to a fitness podcast.

Other suggestions include ...

  • Walk around the block when checking your mail
  • Walk around the halls at your office before you start work
  • Get off the bus one or two stops early
  • Start an office lunch break walking group
  • Meet a friend for a walk and talk instead of using a phone

Due to the shortage of gas here in South Texas, I've added a great deal of walking into my daily routine. I can already see and feel my legs getting stronger and looking leaner.

It's really easy to add in a few extra steps everyday. Get out and make sure you add in those extra steps tomorrow. Your waistline and our heart will appreciate it!
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