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Get Ripped, Get Lean, Get Sexy: The Fitness Model Diet Plan

Posted May 13 2012 3:46am

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There is no doubt that fitness models have the hottest, most insane forms you could ever imagine–tight , defined shoulders, thick but toned thighs. Like most people, you really can only daydream about having that kind of beyond comparison figure someday. Almost everyone is unfamiliar with the amount of dedication that goes into appearing like a fitness model, let alone actually being one. Yes, fitness models should devise a tough exercise plan that is specially designed for them in particular, but most don’t pay attention to how necessary diet and nutrition is in attaining the slim but built look.

The uninitiated usually underestimate things and think that if they really put some commitment into their training schedule, they’ll just need to use a basic nutrition plan and their form will still develop into an absolutely stunning, toned shape. The other oblivious folks will take it to the other extreme and limit themselves to limp greens, uninspired white fish and rice cakes, and then rebel against their drab and restrictive eating plan. Individuals that are in fitness model shape realize that it requires a varied eating regimen, something that you will adhere to and will both satisfy you and get you ready for your important strength and cardio sessions. A really healthy and sustainable fitness model diet keeps you going with a combination of nutrients, which is imperative in maintaining muscle tone as well as incinerating fat.

Would you like to see how the nutrition plan should look?


Eggs are a smart choice for breakfast, and will give you plenty of fuel to make it through intense cardio work outs. They’re easy to prepare and are a high-quality protein. To go easy on the cholesterol, choose just egg whites or mix egg whites with just 1-2 yolks. Eggs are a crucial part of the fitness model diet, so be sure to mix things up by switching up your preparation and cooking them differently for each meal you have them with.

After-Workout Snack

Protein is important after the morning workout, so, try a can of tuna with a small portion of organic mayo and pickle relish mixed in. Need to perk the tuna up? Dress it with onion, celery, dill, white vinegar, and serve with tomato and mixed greens.


You probably won’t even be that hungry at lunchtime because of all the high-quality proteins you’ve consumed, but a small snack of cheese and turkey will give you a boost if you need it and will keep you burning calories throughout the day.


Almonds make for a great, quick, easy afternoon snack. Be conscious of drinking fluids along with your meals and snacks.


This meal should be the most important one of the day, so you should plan your weekly dinners out beforehand. Reasonable portions of lean red meat, chicken or turkey, mixed, steamed veggies, and a small serving of a hearty grain will ensure you don’t feel deprived and give you a good mix of protein and fiber to help repair the body and prepare your body for the next day.

Here is a nutritious fitness model diet example for an average day.

7:30 AM: 2 hard-boiled eggs

10:00 AM (post workout): tunafish + whole-wheat crackers

12:30 PM: protein shake

3:30 PM: celery + hummus

5:30 PM: 4 oz. lean steak, sauteed asparagus, farro salad

Following a rigorous workout and regimen can be done, but following a diet worthy of a fitness model definitely means you will need dedication. Follow these ideas–health, moderation, balance. Don’t deprive your body, and you’ll be compensated with that hot, sexy, built shape that USED to seem impossible, but is finally a reality.

By Sarah Dillard & the team at Fitness Model Diet 101 Fitness model diets are rough, but soooo worth it when you see results! Visit our website on fitness model diets whenever you need hints, encouragement, or a just big ol’ kick in the butt to get you moving!

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