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Get Rid Of The “Jiggles” – Water Retention

Posted Mar 24 2011 12:00am

Most of us look at the calories, the fat, carbs, and protein on a label.  Very few, check the salt content in our foods.  Unwanted water retention can cause your body to store enormous amounts of fluid.  Dieting will help shed the fat but water retention is here to stay if you aren’t monitoring your sodium.  When people complain that they are working out, and eating right but they still feel soft and jiggly, a lot of times it’s due to sodium intake. The average daily intake of sodium is supposed to be 2,000 mg.  However, the average American easily consumes twice that!

If you’re eating right now, look at your nutrition label.  If it has more then 500 mg of sodium it should be replaced with something else. The main culprit for salt is  processed foods and fast foods.  Eating out is always detrimental because restaurants used processed meats full of nitrates and excess sodium to make their entrees more filling and satisfying.  Things like soups, lunch meat, marinades, and microwave meals also contain large amounts.

The best way to know how much salt is in your food is to make it yourself!  Try to avoid adding salt to your meats and dishes.  Instead use herbs to add flavor to your meals.  There are also a wide variety of no salt seasoning that can be added.

Once I started paying closer attention to my sodium intake, the water seemed to flow right out.  It took about 2 days to rid my body of excess water.  Once it’s gone, you’ll feel lighter, less bloated, more cut, and less tired.  Over the next 2 weeks you will notice that everything seems to be packed full of sodium.  Your taste buds will start to reject salty foods and from then on, you will be jiggle free.

Adria Ali

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