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Get into character for a healthy Halloween!

Posted Oct 29 2012 4:00am


It’s Halloween week and posts which focus on having a happy and healthy one abound.

Suggestions for satiety.  Prompts for passing on the candy.  Tips for tossing away the sweets in favor of the raw veggies.

Traditional tips which completely work, but just arent how we roll up in herre.

This year we’re taking DIFFERENT approach to Halloween than we have in (more adult) years past .

We’re joining the kids, we’re donning the costumes, we’re RIDING THAT CHARACTER wavvvvve to a healthy Halloween.

Because really, what is fitness, healthy living and overall LIFE many days except PLAYING A CRAZY CHARACTER FAKING IT TILL WE MAKE IT ?

My three tips for how getting into character can create your healthiest Halloween ever:


  • Create a narrative. Dressing up is optional (sigh. I guess.)—but the creation of a narrative is not.  Tonight you’re an actor.  Ask yourself what your motivation is? challenge yourself as to why you are striving to be healthy to night and in general.  Next consider all areas of your life.  What would healthy you/your character eat on a daily basis? How would you dress & how would this show the world how you feel about yourself? How would you walk down the street etc.  Tonight (& perhaps longer?) commit to responding to all scenarios as your ‘healthy self’ or character.


  • Share your costume-plan. As zany as it sounds, when you share your role-playing plan with your support people it really helps.  I tend to (over)share everything with Ren Man.  I clearly recall sharing this concept with him close to two decades ago.  At that point it was intended as ONE NIGHT for me—but the subtle almost imperceptible shift in how he began to affirm the way I saw myself that night kept me on the path to change. Bring your inner-circle into the act-as-if plan.  Loving accountability partners have helped me to sustain my lifechanges for almost twenty years.


  • Respond as your CHARACTER/healthy  self.  This week—and if youre me next week when the candy is all on sale—temptation abounds. Parties.  Bowls of candy out at work.  Halloween can be a healthy living minefield—but not to our healthy living character-self. Would our Halloween character skip workouts for couch time? Would costumed-you *really* select a Snickers over simply hanging out and enjoying conversation? Before you respond to *anything* this Halloween challenge yourself with regards to how your character/healthier self would react.  Change your mindset.  Change your body.  It’s that simple.


Quite frankly, upon further reflection & introspection, Ive realized this is how I live the *other* 364 days of the year too.


Do I feel like SKIPPING CARDIO? Am I not in the mood to git my PLAYOUT on ?

I ask myself what my SUPERHEROINE counterpart would do.


Am I longing to skip some good whole, clean foods meal preparation in favor of a fast, processed’y snack?

I ask my self how the dainty Queen would dine.


I act as if….when Im not feeling ‘as if’…ALL YEAR LONG.

I challenge you to join me this Halloween and, if youre up for it, through the next twenty or thirty decades as well.

What’s your BEST fake it till you make it tip?

How do you plan to cruise through candy season staying in character & living healthy?

Do you find it odd Im dressing up as a Terrible Towel Wednesday night?

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