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Get in shape with Russian Kettlebells and body weight exercises

Posted Aug 25 2008 3:09pm
I know I sound like a broken record but you don't have to spend thousands of dollars on a gym pass or a home gym to get in shape. Personally I hate driving somewhere simply to exercise , it's seems counter productive. Training with kettlebells and body weight exercises is cheap and efficient. Not to mention you can work out in the comfort of your own home or a backyard. Hey, here is a crazy idea, you can actually train outside in the sun and fresh air!!!! Yes people, I know it sounds crazy but you can actually work out in the sun, it won't kill you (unless you are albino then I am actually not sure about this statement).
A lot of people will say that they need to be in a gym to be motivated. I don't understand this. How does watching fat ladies walk on the treadmill while talking (because they aren't working hard) and drinking gatorade (to prevent dehydration from their 20 minute walk) motivate you? You tell me. How does watching some 17 year old skinny kid with spikey hair and a cell phone glued to his ear talking about "scoring with chicks" motivate you? How does breathing stale air, wiping other people's sweat off of benches and waitng to use a machine get you all pumped up for that next set?
It doesn't!!
What motivates people to train is wanting something badly enough. Whether it is to be strong, lean, and/or in great condition, this need for results and success is what motivates people. Now, things to help get you in the mindset are the right kind of music like hard core hip hop or metal or punk rock for instance, you can play it as loud as you want at home. I love to train in the sun and heat with my shirt off (if not in public) and fit it puts me in a great mood.
Gym bull !@#$% does not make me want to train. I want to be strong, lean, and fit. This can be accomplished at home with kettlebells and body weight exercises . To be brutally strong I would recommend a barbell and some plates for deadlifts and such. But overall strength, fitness and and aesthetic physique is possible with minimal equipment at home.
Okay you say, I am sold, so what should I do?
Well, I recommend you surf through my blog, my site and also visit strengthmill and youtube to get ideas on body weight and kettlebell exercises . Then, make a list of every single exercise you can do at home. Next put together some sessions with the combination of exercises you have listed. Lastly, and here is the hard part, start actually training at home. Get sweaty and tired by training hard. Even if your workouts are not perfectly balanced or the best they could be, getting started and training right now is better than waiting until everything it perfect.
Another recommendation I have is to train every single damn day. That's right, train every day. Tired? Tough. Only have 15 minutes? Oh well, have a mini-workout . Don't feel like it? Toughen up you baby.
If you still don't beleive me, check out this video of Steve Cotter training with russian kettlebells and bodyweight exercises and tell me you are not impressed.

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