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Get Fit, Get a Dog

Posted by tamara h.

I hate exercising. Does anyone really actually enjoy it? I suppose some do, but outside of dance class, I have never really been able to get into it. That was, of course, until Scarlett joined our family.

Scarlett is an emotionally needy 2 year old beagle. We got her off of an internet classified ad and she is just all kinds of adorable. Beyond just being cute, we quickly learned that beagles demand all kinds of exercise.

Now I am big walker. Not the biggest of fans, but I am getting there. Why? Because Scarlett forced me to become a walker. A jogger. A daily exerciser.

If she doesn't get her walk (sometimes two), she will go through the garbage, shred my freelance writing notes, and pee wherever she sees fit. She wreaks havoc on my personal life until I take her where she wants to go, and through this method of madness, I have tighter buns and a happier canine companion.

Scarlett has inspired me to motivate others to adopt dogs as pets if they are looking for an exercise motivator. It is easy to say no to yourself, but when you have a pair of big brown eyes staring at you with a hot pink leash hanging out of their mouth, it is a little more difficult to say no.

Want to get fit in the new year? Go visit your local SPCA. You will be glad you did!

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I think this is a great tip! My dog lives with my parents and they both get their daily walk because of Lucky. My mom walks her in the morning and my dad walks her at night. A dog is a great companion and motivator.
If you aren't allowed to have a dog where you live you can also volunteer at a local shelter and walk their dogs.
My dogs get me moving everyday.
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