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Get amazing relief from a pinched nerve on your neck

Posted Jul 02 2010 5:36am
Today many people turn to home remedies for their ailments as they feel that other types of medicines have adverse side effects. More over the home remedy is easy to make and take and one can be assured of hygiene and quality. Home remedy for pinched nerve on neck is by far the best remedy when compared to other remedial measures. Now let us first have brief overlook at what this ailment is all about, how and why it occurs and then finally the home remedies to cure this ailment.

Going online is the best way to start when researching anything, as it’s considered an information bank. It provides information at your fingertips and with a click of a mouse you can learn about diseases and also remedies. In-depth information about alternate medicines such as homeopathy, holistic, alternate herbal treatments etc. are in detail. Preferred as a safe alternative by people, holistic treatments are considered even safer.

When you have pinch in the nerve on you neck the pain is unbearable. All medical treatments only try to suppress pain and fail to find a natural cure. Depression, stress and lack of good posture might result in pinched nerve on neck. Sometimes overall physical weakness due to lack of vitamins and minerals or persistence of arthritis, nutritional food and balance in the body posture are also known factors which result in this ailment.

In an event of a pinched nerve you can easily relieve it by applying a hot water bottle to the affected region or by taking a hot bath. A soothing hot oil message also helps in this condition. A great way to provide instant relief is to apply light pressure to the pinched nerve with warm oil. A lack of calcium in the body can also cause pinched nerve and muscle pain. By increasing the intake of calcium either as medication or food supplement you can prevent and also cure this ailment gradually.

Acidity is the worst culprit who can cause the physical body to suffer with all sorts of pains. Thus keep acidic foods away or consume less. Likewise inadequate potassium can cause pain and thus under the doctors advice you can add potassium to your diet. Foods that are rich in potassium are avocadoes, apricots, beets, bananas, dates, figs, melons, skimmed milk, roasted peanuts, almonds, orange juice, prunes, etc. eating in time, eating food rich in minerals and vitamins are some of the home remedies for pinched nerve on neck. Eating foods like papaya, cucumber, water melon, apple, bananas and taking breakfast without fail and eating 2-3 hours before sleep can help in eliminating acidity.

Home remedies are generally preferred by people with pinched nerves as it is easy and provides quick relief. No mater what the remedy is; home, holistic or otherwise, people prefer remedies that bring pain relief at all times.

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