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Get a Little Middle... Weighted Oblique Twists

Posted Nov 27 2012 3:01pm
Here’s a great move to work the muscles that run down each side of your body, from your lower ribs down. The weighted oblique twist will strengthen your obliques, which in turn will help fortify your core and lower back, improve your posture and help prevent injury from any bending or twisting movement. Plus, having firm obliques is the key to trimming your waistline. Not sure if this move is for you? If you can roll over to the other side of the bed, and you’re comfortable balancing on a Swiss ball, then you’re ready for the weighted oblique twist. It’s that simple! Add these in to your abdominal training workouts and start trimming your middle. Ladies will sculpt that hour class shape you are meant to have ladies. Men don't necessarily want an hour class shape, but trimming their middle is just as flattering for men as for women. So, get trimming and sculpting today!

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