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Get 16 Hour Energy---NO CRASH LATER!

Posted Jul 09 2009 4:02pm
You need to get your "16 Hour Energy" dose! It works every time and your body will NOT CRASH LATER....and, "16 Hour Energy" is not found in a pill, bottle or powder! Huh?!

That's right! You need "16 Hour Energy" and you need it every day! Its easy to get and you don't have to spend any extra money. "16 Hour Energy" will probably save you some money and you'll feel and look great!

Drum roll please..........

Here's how you get and keep "16 Hour Energy:"

1. Get 7-8 hours of restful sleep every night. This is critical or you'll run out of energy during the next 16 hours.

2. Follow a great meal plan full of whole, natural foods like fruits, veggies, lean meats, whole grains, etc. Eat small meals every 3-4 hours. Keep a food journal and it will help you follow that great meal plan.

3. Walk as much as you can every day. Exercise at least 20-30 minutes, 4-5 days a week (strength training and cardio exercise).

4. Don't take yourself too seriously! Relax and enjoy friends and life! Those friends can also help you stay on the fitness track (social support).

5. Take a good daily multivitamin. I also take fish oil omega 3 supplements for heart health.

That's it! There's your "16 Hour Energy" plan---NO CRASH LATER ON! You can't buy "16 Hour Energy" in a bottle! Do it!

Get your FREE 2 week fat blaster membership!

"Exercise is not my life.....exercise makes my life better!"

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