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Gastric Bypass Surgery: Post Cosmetic Surgery

Posted Jun 30 2010 4:43am
Losing weight can be an enormous challenge for many people. But once they’ve on their way to achieving their weight loss goals and the kilo’s start to fall off, their next worry is often the excess skin it leaves behind, particularly for those who have lost a great deal of weight.

For those that do have a lot of weight to lose, a gastric bypass is often the quickest route to losing those extra kilo’s. The gastric bypass procedure is relatively new and for those that choose this procedure, cosmetic surgery after gastric bypass is a common follow up.

Gastric bypass surgery is becoming a popular surgical procedure, but while the use of this procedure to lose weight has become common place, in many quarters it’s not seen as the perfect solution, as many patients require cosmetic surgery after the bypass, due to the amount of loose skin that is created by their weight loss.

The most common cosmetic surgery after gastric bypass is the tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty. This surgery involves taking away excess skin in and around the stomach area. While the tummy tuck procedure does leave a scar, this is often preferable in comparison to the excess skin.

Cosmetic surgery clinics are all over the world – there are LA cosmetic surgery clinics, as well as in other US states and in and around central Europe there are several renowned clinics.

If you’re contemplating this type of cosmetic surgery, make certain that your surgeon is board-certified and an expert. Research well before making your final decision. If you’re in good health and taking care of yourself on the inside i.e. eating nourishing, healthy food, it’s bound to radiate to the outside!

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