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Full Body Barbell Workout

Posted Jan 31 2010 12:00am

I missed Saturday's max effort bench press workout so I decided to combine press with squatting for a tough full body max effort workout. Once the slow and heavy work was done, I hit some explosive and heart pumping barbell complexes to really finish off my whole body. If you benched hard on Saturday then just do the squatting.

  • bottoms up Zercher squat paired with bottoms up bench press, alternate sets and work up to a max single in both lifts
  • barbell complex, 3 rounds with 3-4 minute rest between sets
    • high pull x 8
    • push press x 5-8
    • reverse lunge x 8/side
    • good morning x 8-10
    • bent-over row x 8
    • stiff leg deadlift x 5-10
There are a lot of different barbell complexes you can do, here is a good video of a different one you can do.

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