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Full Body Barbell Workout

Posted Mar 01 2011 12:00am

Sunday is our lower body focused Strongman Training day. So we generally pick 2-4 drills that we didn't train on Satuday (upper body focused) and spend some time learning how to master these events for an upcoming competition.

If you are trying to improve an athletic skill, be it lifting a stone, snatching a kettlebell, or sprinting, there are two keys to improving your performance
  1. Practice the skill
  2. Identify and work your weak muscle groups
When it comes to strongman training, generally speaking the athletes are gym strong but not farmer strong. So, the weak points are usually grip, abs, upper and lower back and hamstrings. Actually these are the most common weak points for most athletes.

With that in mind my training partner and I practiced the competitive strongman lifts and also did our best to work some of our weak points.

Check out the workout below for ideas on how to structure your training to help you get bigger, stronger and faster.

  • Mobility Work
  • Dynamic Warm-Up
    • Barbell row, high pull, curl, press, good morning, over head squat
    • 1 x 8
  • Tire Flip
    • 500lbs tire
      • 3 x 4 flips
    • 700lbs tire
      • 12 flips total, broken out as singles
    • did a bunch of 120' walks with 200lbs per hand
    • 1 x 60' walk with 250lbs hand
  • Dumbbell Deadlifts
    • 3 x max reps
  • A1 GHR
    • 4 x 12-15
  • A2
    • 4 x 10 with hold at the end
    • Body Weight Ab Work
    Speaking of ab training, since it is such a common weakness, I recommend you do extra ab workouts whenever you can. Here are some great videos below to give you some ideas.

    Hanging Windshield Wipers

    Standing Figure 8's


    Seal Walks

    For more great Ab Training ideas, check out the article Midsection Madness for MMA

    For semi-private or personal training contact:
    Nathan Donahue
    Calgary, Alberta

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