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From Taj: Share Your Love, Your Heart, and Sweat!

Posted Feb 10 2010 5:27am

This V-Day, why not skip the hype, and hit the gym?

Hey people! So just in case you didn't realize, Valentines Day is just around the corner.

Personally I am not a big fan and think it is one of the silliest holidays ever. Inflated prices on dinners, flowers, chocolates and worse, who said everything has to be the color red or pink?

Now I realize there are many who ADORE this holiday and live for the time to be showered with gifts, wined and dined on Feburary 14th. Personally I prefer to be surprised, showered, wined and dined all year long. V-day puts WAY to much emphasis on what some marketing company says "IS RIGHT" for you and your special someone. HA!

Soooooo...How about I introduce an alternative for you and ANYONE you love? Since our focus has been on taking care of our bodies through healthy eating and exercise, why not share the gift of FITNESS with someone you love? ANYONE you love!!! Make it a friend, a BFF, a sibling, a parent. Instead of going out to eat an overpriced meal, why not go to the GYM together?

Yup, WORKOUT ON V-Day. Besides, the gym will probably be rather empty because those who got sucked in will be out celebrating the hype.

Crunch will be offering a Speed Dating Yoga class if you are interested in getting your workout on while, finding out something about that hottie in downward facing dog.

Come take Flex Appeal Friday Feburary 12th 4pm at the Lafayette Crunch, located at 404 Lafayette Ave btwn E 4th and Astor Pl. This is a 90 min class which will give you an opportunity to partner up with cool peeps, exercise and maybe meet a Mr. or Ms. Right.

This class is OPEN to ALL. So if you are NOT a Crunch member, now is the time to come try us out for FREE! Please spread the word and tell a friend to tell a friend. I will be there! Sorry to disappoint you but I have my someone special already. :-) I am going to support and help!

On another note, why not try some partner yoga stuff at home? Oh yeah baby. Forget the roses, make flames!

Now if partnered Yoga seems a bit much, just go to the gym and workout together. Make it fun!! Here are some ideas
1. See how many push ups you each can do in 30 secs. Or abdominal crunches, bicep curls, lunges, whatever you like.

Psst... Hey ladies, you can cheat by kneeling down and get right in his ear! Whisper something...make'em laugh or just be a distraction. I don't think I need to fill you in on this part. LOL.

2. What about walking on the treadmill side by side? Play with the inclines and the speed. See who can run the longest time without stopping.

3. Maybe try a class together, if neither of you have ever done a spin class or yoga or sculpt...why not do it TOGETHER?

Sharing your love of fitness with your significant other is a FABULOUS and inexpensive way to make it past this weekend. You might get to start today by shoveling snow together. :-)

Email me at for more info on private yoga sessions. Or if you have any other questions!

One last thing, check out my blog at I will be blogging once a week -- please do leave a comment. You don't have to be a Crunch member.

See you next week!


Photo: / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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