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Friday Friday! List style!

Posted Jun 01 2012 8:58am

1.Hi to all the new people who are following me on FB! It’s crazy to think that local’s are finding me even though I don’t advertise!

2.Sorry about the lack of posts, I’ve been studying for my ACSM and so reading the news blogs that I have found lately blogging has taken a back burner.

3.This is the first week of summer break for us! The girls have been doing a great job of getting up later in the morning, but we aren’t getting them to bed any later than normal. We want them to go to bed later so that there is more play time, but we haven’t figured out how to do that yet. Oh well, we should have it all figured out about the time school starts again.

4.We’ve been getting to the gym a little later each morning, which is great. There is no real morning rush and so I think that is helping. I’m in my 2nd mesocycle of 5/3/1 and I think it’s going great! I’ve upped my weight per the recommendations (and the excel program I found) and I am happy with the fact that I’m not killing myself anymore. I also read the other day that one shouldn’t worry as much about the knees going past toes during squats. I tried this yesterday and I was able to get pretty close to parallel (if not past) and my knees aren’t bothering me today.

5.I did try some warm-up and mobility exercises yesterday to help with my shoulders. I’ve been making a real effort to get them to drop and I think that I have released the tension that was in them. They didn’t get tired at yoga the other day, which is FANTASTIC!!

6.I think that I broke a small phalange/ upper tarsal in my left foot right where my big toe meets the rest of my foot. It was really bluish & puffy about a week ago and is still slightly blue only on the outside and puffy. It doesn’t really bother me unless the specific spot gets hit or I push down too hard on the spot.

7. Hubby is off this weekend, which is FANTASTIC! I will get some good studying in and hopefully we can have some outdoor fun!

I am not a fan of my new background. I love the weights pic but need a more grownup less Myspace type look…Might hold off on that until I get certified and offer training services, if anyone would be interested let me know!

Anything fun going on for you today?

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