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Friday Food Rant!: Yoplait Greek Yogurt--SO Not Greek!

Posted Mar 26 2010 5:00am 3 Comments

Yoplait "Greek" yogurt, right? Wrong!

I was so thrilled when I found a new line of Yoplait Greek yogurts at the supermarket--especially since they were only a dollar a pop and sometimes my preferred brand--Chobani, can get expensive.

I bought a couple and excitedly took them home...only to be disappointed.

Now let's get the facts straight: Greek yogurt is distinguished by its thick consistency. And it packs a whole lotta protein, much more than your regular yogurt. It has been one of my breakfast staples for quite some time now because it helps to keep me satisfied longer; plus I've come to love the thick texture of it. So much so that regular yogurt leaves much to be desired.

Traditionally, Greek yogurt is strained through something to remove the whey, which makes it thicker.

This Yoplait yogurt, while decent-tasting, was not nearly as thick as the real deal. I flipped around the container to read the ingredients, and what do we have? Two sneaky little culprits--gelatin--a thickening agent. That accounts for the "Greek" moniker. And a milk protein concentrate. So that it can tout that it carries "2x" the protein of the leading yogurt.

I felt cheated. The only thing 100 percent truthful about this yogurt's claims is the 0 percent fat. This, my friends, is NOT Greek yogurt. This is Greek-style yogurt. Don't be deceived. But if you don't mind the additives, then you're golden.

All in all, it's a decent yogurt, and I don't even know if those additives are bad for you, but I'm leery of them anyhow. Why the need to fabricate stuff that's already found in nature? I'll stick with the natural stuff, even if it's 30 cents more per serving, thank you very much.

AAH! Have you ever been duped by a claim on food item? Or have you been the more savvy nutrition facts reader? Do tell!

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I was in love with another brand of "Greek" yogurt until I paid attention to the ingredients on the back of the had pectin! And also to find out it's not strained.  But it tasted like custard.  No thanks. I'll eat real custard and and if I want real Greek Yogurt, I'll go for Voskos Greek Yogurt.  I tried some at the Solvang Bike event they sponsored and checked out their nutrition facts. Good stuff. Real stuff.  You definitely don't know until you look at the fine prints. 
If you want a real strained Greek yogurt with a taste that's out of this world, try Voskos. I've tried all the Greeks and this one is the best. No additives, no GMO's or antibiotics, just real Greek yogurt and super high in protein.
Hmmm.. will have to try Voskos then --Thanks! (:
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