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Friday Food Rant! : Clif Quench Sport Drinks--Why Pay, When Water Tastes SO Much Better?

Posted Mar 19 2010 6:35am
Clif Quench? I'd rather stay thirsty...

Happy Friday Guys! I've been raving about things lately, but I think it's time for a rant. I cannot believe how horrible the orange Clif Quench sport drink tastes!

I was really excited about trying it, actually, first off, because I like Clif Bars Clif Mojo bars; and then also because the bev touts 88 percent organic ingredients, no high fructose corn syrup, no artificial colors or preservatives, and supposedly has the "right balance of carbohydrates to electrolytes". The bottle is from 40 percent post-consumer recycled plastic! When I read all this, my wannabe activist self was seriously thrilled. tastes horrible. I'm sorry to say it but that beverage tastes like saline water. With a drop of orange. It almost made me beg for sugar, aspartame, sucralose, anything! (And you know I don't trust those substitute sugars !) Anything to make it taste better.

I want good nutrition, yes, but not at the cost of good taste!

How about you - have you ever tried something that was super healthy, had all the right nutrition on the label, but then tasted horrible? Do share!

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