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Frequently Asked Shoulder Injury and Rehab Questions

Posted Sep 07 2008 7:56pm

When was the last time your shoulder felt fantastic?

No one realizes how much they depend on their shoulder – that is until they’ve injured their shoulder, have surgery and can’t use it. Frequently people want to know how long their particular shoulder injury will take to heal.

Answers that don’t help.

Imagine that you’ve sprained your shoulder and you want to know how to treat this injury. You could look at these suggestions for your shoulder information. However, these comments are the thoughts and advice of laymen who may or may not know what they are talking about.

Here is a thread from the Injury Update Forum that seeks to answer the question – How long will it take to recover from shoulder reconstruction?

Here is a discussion on the issue of How long to heal from a dislocated shoulder that resulted from being hit by a car.

Would you let your friend work on your $40,000.00 automobile?

It should be obvious by now that everyone has an opinion about everything – including your shoulder injury. But who are you going to trust with the care of your most versatile joint? Where can you find credible shoulder information? What you need is believable information about your shoulder and there are a number of sources that are quite extensive.

See a Doctor – an Orthopedic Surgeon who specializes in Shoulder Repair!

Orthopedic surgeons at work

(photo courtesy of soldiersmediacenter )

Visit Shoulderdoc – this is a vast web site filled with:

  • Medical Educational Material – What’s the difference between SLAP, SLIP and SLOP? Do you want to purchase a book about shoulders? This is the place to look.
  • The Latest Shoulder News – Do you want to read about the latest research in shoulder surgery techniques or shoulder rehab?
  • Rehab Protocols – this is an immense section of information about shoulder rehab procedures.
  • Much, much more.

Shoulderdoc offers a wealth of information on all aspects of your shoulder. Use this web site to educate yourself.

- - -

“Thanks to the rotater I was able to get back to work and not lose the use of my shoulder in this demanding profession.”
- Officer D. Pesko

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