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Fountains of Snot Workout [Breakdancing is totally rad!]

Posted Apr 26 2011 9:43pm

Is this not the best workout picture ever?

“Cherry Cherry Boom Boom” “One Hot Mess” “My Buns Hurt” and the strangely poignant “Somewhere I Belong” – One of my favorite things about besides their seriously hardcore workouts is all the fun names that Freddy and Zuzana give them. The names generally having nothing to do with the actual workout (imagine my disappointment when the Hot Warrior workout did not come with any hot warriors) but rather what they were dealing with in their lives at the time (I know, I know “Cherry Cherry Boom Boom” – I snickered too). So how cool would be if instead of naming my workouts something boring-yet-descriptive, I just got creative and drew from the well of inspiration that is my life?

This month’s Great Fitness Experiment has been trying out a new type of dance every week and I cannot tell you the last time we had this much fun in the gym. I mean, we always have fun but this month has been a riot. Ballet reminded us how much even small movements hurt if you do 200 plies in a row. But Capoeria was where the fun really started. This type of Brazilian dance/pseudo martial art is pretty much all done from a lunge position so while we had a grand time cartwheeling and kicking around the room, the next day we all wanted to amputate our butts we were so sore. Of course we did it again the next day. We ended up enjoying it so much we carried it on for another week.

This week’s agenda is break dancing (rule #1 of break dancing: only noobs call it break dancing, it’s really called “breaking”) and so far it has been crazy fun – so much so we even picked up a couple of extra Gym Buddies. It turns out breaking is a lot like Capoeira but just using different beatboxes. (We made Megan beatbox for us last week – she’s not quite this chick but she is pretty awesome.) Unfortunately the day we were supposed to start found me fighting a head cold courtesy of the disease-carrying little people I live with. You know what feels awesome with sinuses so packed with snot that everything smells like that used tissue in the bottom of your purse? Standing on your head! And we spent at least half of this workout upside down. Therefore, I present to you The Fountains of Snot Workout. (Yes, my life is waaayyyy less sexy than Zuzana.)

Warm-Up: This workout had us jumping rope, doing pistol squats, Napolean Dynamite lunges and bunny hops across the floor. Gym Buddy On Load From Other Gym Tyler said his heart rate stayed up in the 180′s just in the warm-up alone.

Pike push-ups on the wall (Not pictured, me falling flat on my head on the first try)

Push-Ups. For those of you who have not seen Stomp the Yard, You’ve Been Served, Dance Flick and Step Up 1, 2 & 3(D!) like I have, the first thing you need to have for breaking is a hero/heroine from the streets but who is always inexplicably well-groomed. Oh wait, WORKOUT. Right. You need some serious upper body strength as many of the moves are done on your hands. This workout had us doing at least 10 different types of push-ups, our favorite being the pike push-ups on the wall (which is what Megan and I are doing and Tyler is attempting while Allison cheeses for the camera.) In addition to pike push-ups, we did dive bombers, spidermans and push-ups with every conceivable hand configuration you can imagine. My shoulders and pecs? Sore, thanks for asking.

Tyler's helicopter really takes off as he catches some air

Ground Moves: The workout first taught us some breaking basic transition steps like the one-rock and the Indian which I will spare you the footage of because we weren’t bad enough to make them funny and not good enough to make them cool. It was white-girl dancing at its finest. Then we worked into some floor tricks like the Helicopter. Not only does this really challenge your core, quads, shoulders and balance it has the added bonus of tripping unsuspecting passer-by. Check out Megan and I as we look super fly… until I get so dizzy I fall on my butt. (Click through to see video):


Headstand Moves: Since none of us were brave enough to try spinning on our noggins, we just practiced headstands and then worked up to this:

No need to rotate your screen - I am indeed doing a headstand with no hands! (Not as hard as you'd think but no one could hold it longer than a couple of seconds)

Josh makes the piledriver look just as easy standing upright!

Handstand Moves: The bulk of the workout had us working out of a handstand position. We did handstand push-ups, donkey kicks onto our hands, and a super intensive core move – the press-to-handstand (which none of us could master but it made for awesome pictures anyhow):

Press handstands are one of those things that look super easy... until you try them. Allison had to give me a little (okay, a lot) of help

What happens after the "press" - ignore my horrible form, please. And WHAT is with the FACES, Al?

But our fave handstand move was the dive roll. First you kick up to a handstand and then slowly lower yourself until you can tuck and roll. Check out our synchronized swimmer action: (Click through to see video)

Allison had a tough time mastering this one but she finally got it.

Krista tries to help Allison get her dive roll. Yeah it hurt just watching her. She did get it though!


Getting ready to roll!


If you guys want to try a killer workout that gets you way out of your box, I totally recommend breaking (and Capoeira too). We haven’t touched a free weight all month – yes, the weight floor has been blissfully peaceful without us – and yet we’ve gotten great workouts, including targeting some muscles that we didn’t even know we had. Not to mention how much fun we had! Now, I just need to come up with a Lindy Hop/Swing workout and our month will be perfect!

What’s your favorite out-of-your-box workout? Are you guys interested in the actual details (reps, instructions, etc.) that we did for each type of dance workout as part of a different post? When you smile do you show your teeth or not? (I hate showing my teeth when I smile – so that’s how you know if my smile is genuine and not posed, if my pearly whites are awkwardly flashing!)

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