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For The 4 th http://www.newstarg...

Posted Aug 26 2008 4:32pm

For The 4 th

Here's an article I came across that deals with popular sun lotions,cancer and nutrition. The basis of the article is that when you look at the chemical make-up of sunscreen lotion, it contains many ingredients that actually block the sun's ultra violent rays.

Duh, we've known that for years. Here's the tricky thing though, the sun's ultra violent rays produces vitamin D in the skin which has been shown over and over again to reduce the risk of cancer. Add in the fact that sunburn is more related to nutrient deficiency which leads our cells to become more vulnerable to DNA mutation from radiation and things start to make sense.

I don't have nearly the tan that I had last summer or the years before that. I'm outside the same amount of time but my nutrition is as perfect as its ever been. I take vitamin D daily, have a diet high in antioxidants and am a vegetable freak.

Food for thought..

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