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FoodStuffedGratitudeFueledGonnaExerciseTodayIfItKillsMe Rhyme.

Posted Nov 28 2008 11:00am

Subtitle: this gratitude theme? in stereo done. CLICK OVER TO HERE. read another one!

Thanksgiving? So great.

Did not need this post.

No call for a mantra

to calm down this host.

My family came in

From far & from near.

Im so very thankful.

To have them all here.

Im grateful for Ren Man.

Oh hubby? YOU ROCK.

Spent time on my Thursday

To reflect. To take stock.

Im grateful for heath

For a roof o’er my head

For the fact that my Toddler

will soon sleep in a bed.

(Please say that she will,

She wont be in a crib

Until her PROM DAY.

Be honest. Dont fib.)

Im so very grateful

For each one of you.

Taking time from your day

Though youve so much to do.

To stop here and comment.

To drop by and read.

To ponder *my* writing

Im so blessed indeed.

I wanna say thanks.

Spread the gratitude thought.

With a freebie for you.

(yes, enter you ought!)

But before we do end

I urge you TODAY

to celebrate this

Make time in some way.

The stories dont miss.

(Record if you choose.)

If no one will listen

the history we lose.

I love love love this freebie, People.

If I could win Id engrave the word GRATITUDE on it.

shocking, I know. I didnt just hit you over the head with that huh? we roll subtly up in herre.


Were you to win the bracelet what 8 letter word or phrase would you use?

something near & dear to your heart or would you, instead, surprise a loved on with his/her favorite inspirational wordaroundwrist?

Please to hit us all up in the comments.

(And, alas, it’s usa only. Id say much to my chagrin but Im really plain ole thankful that Tina was willing to donate the bracelet. Shipping is so expensive huh?)

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