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Food: Locally Known Helps You Save Some Green on Your Next Salad

Posted Aug 23 2008 10:25pm

Wallet health Is your wallet feeling a bit ill over the soaring gasoline prices? If you are like many others, to keep your wallet off life support, you’ve had to make some adjustments in your discretionary spending habits. Maybe you’ve redirected some funds from one area of your budget to cover the higher costs for necessities.

Did you give up your daily Starbucks designer coffee drink? Do you find you are making less visits to your local movie theatre? Maybe you’ve decided to head over to your local public library to check out those bestsellers.

If you are like me, you haven’t come upon much relief to your wallet at your local supermarket either. The unexpected pricing trends across a variety of categories prove that higher costs for corn, ethanol and gasoline are affecting us on so many different levels.

The cost of milk, bread, meats, poultry, fruits and salad greens have continued their upward tick leaving many to look for more economical ways to feed themselves and their family. It seems one of the ways to save on costs is to look for locally produced (and grown) foods. Farmer’s markets can be a great source for fresh locally grown produce.

I recently discovered Locally Known , a start-up farm in Maine, trying to capitalize on soaring fuel costs and growing consumer demand for local, organic foods by offering fresher lettuce at competitive prices. The Boston Globe recently covered Locally Known in a story titled " At A Store Near You, Low Mileage Lettuce ".

Did you know that most salad greens make a cross-country trek of more than 3,000 miles from California's Salinas Valley, nicknamed "Salad Bowl of the World," to get to Eastern locations such as Boston. Locally Known’s produce, however, travels just 144 miles from Maine to hit the shelves at Whole Foods supermarkets. And five ounces cost $1 less than the same amount of greens from California-based Earthbound Farm, a savings largely due to lower transportation costs.

Lett-ucce know what other resources you locate to make your wallet healthier. Greenleafysalad


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