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Food: I can’t stop eating it.

Posted Aug 21 2010 12:59pm

Since I’ve quit smoking I have been trying really hard not to eat any junk food. Anyone who has quit before knows that food is the immediate replacement. I figure if I am going to be eating all day long, I need to avoid processed food as much as possible to avoid weight gain or feeling any worse than I already do.

I was desperately craving Terra Chips so I head over to Whole Foods on my lunch break earlier this week and decided to dive into their buffet. It was amazing! For $7.99 I got a whole tray full of healthy and delish food! My favorite was the Vegan Spinach Fettuccine salad. I have no idea what is in it, but it was so delicious.
whole foods, whole foods buffet
If anyone can find the WF recipe for this, I will love you for life! :) Another favorite this week? Veggie panini with sweet potato fries!!

Do you ever go through periods of your life where all you want to do is eat non-stop? How do you get through these times?

I am still playing bloggy catch up from the conferences I attended this month, and something super secret I have been working on! I will be announcing it early in my newsletter this month so be sure you sign on up on the sidebar (the one that says newsletter, not RSS) so you can be in the know before everyone else! :)

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