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Food For Thought... Talking Nutrition With a Registered Dietitian

Posted Jan 09 2013 9:28pm

What do milk, yogurt, cheese, sardines, kale, broccoli, and green cabbage all have in common?

They are all foods high in calcium.  


Approximately 99% of calcium in our body is found in our bones.  Calcium is one of the primary minerals involved in bone health. 

The majority of women’s bone density is built by age 17 and men’s is built in his twenties.  This means that around that time, it is most important to help your body create the strongest bones possible.  

Following a well-balanced diet and engaging in weight bearing activities can help you achieve high bone density. 


Peak bone mass is reached in both genders before age 30; therefore, we can no longer significantly improve our bone density after age 30.   Once we reach age 40, our bone density begins to irreversibly decline.  However, increasing physical activity and consuming adequate calcium can help protect your bone density from declining. 


Food sources rich in calcium include yogurt, sardines, cheddar cheese, milk, cheese, tofu, salmon, pudding, spinach, fortified cereals, and kale. 


Vitamin D helps increase the absorption of Calcium.  Stay tuned for next week’s blog on Vitamin D! 


Ashley Cohen, MS, RD

(Available for individual/group nutrition sessions to help YOU achieve a healthier lifestyle)      

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