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Focus on your WHY!

Posted Jun 01 2009 10:02pm

Just about everyone who is overweight wants to lose weight. I have not yet met a person who wants to be fat. Being a running and fitness coach for many years, I hear the same stories over and over again. People say they want to lose weight and get fit to be healthy, but they don’t do it. People will even ask me to help them lose weight or to train for this or to do that, then when it comes time to making a plan and meeting about it, the people back out or act as if they totally forgot they even asked for help. One question I have asked myself over and over again is, “WHY?”

I think I have finally figured it out, because I looked at areas in my own life where I was wanting to change, but have not. Even though I keep talking about wanting and needing to make that change, I still have not. This must be the same reason why people do not make the change to lose weight. Note: Most of my blog entry today comes from Tony Robbins and the insights I have gotten from his lectures.

Here is an example. Let’s say Jane is 30 lbs overweight and she decides she is fed up of carrying around that extra weight and feeling its burden everyday. So, she walks out her front door and forces herself to jog 5 miles. It takes her an hour and a half, and she has to walk more than she can actually jog. When she returns home she is breathing so heavily that she about passes out. She feels worse than ever! The next morning, her body aches all over and it hurts to walk. Plus, she is still 30 lbs overweight. She decides, “The heck with working out. I did not even lose a single pound for my effort and I hurt all over. It is hopeless.” So she gives up. The problem is, the task of losing weight now seems impossible and no fun at all. Then, begins her story of excuses as to why she cannot lose weight or why she cannot workout. She even comes up with more reasons to confirm the impossibilty of it, such as, “I don’t have enough time”, “I am too tired”, “My life is too hectic,” “Nothing works”, and so on and so on. This person has created too big a task for herself, made it too overwhelming to accomplish it, and she was only focusing on the process she would have to go through to reach her weight loss goal instead of focusing on the outcome. She impulsively decided to make herself do a tortuous run and feel lots of pain. Who wants to experience pain like that on a daily basis? No one! The same goes for those who impulsively decide to go on a diet. They want to look good without having to experience the effort of working out. Many will diet, which means depriving the body of food. After a while the person gets sick of depriving herself and binges. She gains all the weight back, and more because now her body has become even better at storing fat. When the body thinks it is being starved it will develop a survival strategy, and that strategy is to store food as fat. The person then feels more lousy than ever and gives up hope.

Here are a few more quotes from the master Tony Robbins (who is where I got most of my eye opener ideas from) as to why people are not successful with being fit and at the right body weight. I thought these quotes were right on and they made so much sense to me. Do any of them speak to you?

“People who are phyiscally fit are not just born that way. They have developed a pattern of the way they they think and the things they do to achieve this.”

“Establish a pattern to focus on what matters most. Saying that someday you’ll lose weight leads to a town called nowhere. “

“What prevents you from following through with what you say you should do or what you want to do is that you do not take the right kind of action.”

“Raise your standards by turning your shoulds into musts. Make it change from, ‘I should lose weight’ to, ‘I must lose weight.’ “

“Those who succeed focus on how they are going to feel at the end of the process rather than what they have to do to get there. Focus on what you want rather than what you have to go through to get there.”

“Don’t say, ‘I have to do this.’ Instead say, ‘I get to do this as a gift to myeslf.’

“People who succeed at being fit are in control because the discipline of being fit gives them pride and excitement. This is because they are in charge of themselves. They do what they say they are going to do and that gives them power. It also gives them freedom!”

“Everybody talks about things, such as, ‘I want to lose weight.’ ‘I want to become a runner.’ ‘I want to look better or feel better.’ Talk is cheap.”

“What is the story you are telling yourself about why you can’t do this? Drop the story and quit lying to yourself. Tell the truth to yourself and start moving. Nothing gets better until you admit to what you are doing wrong.”

Don’t just start exercising one day with no plan by doing something random or impossbile that you know you won’t be able to contiune on a daily basis. Get a Beachbody coach to help you begin a workout program that will work. Get a coach who will cheer you on and encourage you everyday, if that is what you need. Get a Beachbody coach for free! The coaches are free! Follow in the footsteps of someone who is already there and knows what to do and what it takes to find true heatlh and fitness, then tweak it to meet your own likes and needs. There is a program out there for everyone. Maybe you want to become a runner. Maybe you like to dance, maybe you want to build solid muscle. Maybe you just want to lose that stinking rotten 30 or more pounds of weight that is robbing your body of freedom. Whatever it is, there is something for you. If you consistently focus on your why and what you want your end result to be then you will do what it takes to succeed. Change your thinking and change your body! It is as simple as that.

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