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FOCUS ON: My Fitness Hut's Top 100 Exercise And Nutrition Tips, #1

Posted Oct 14 2008 4:02am
My next 10 blog posts will cover fitness and nutrition tips......I'll start with a general framework in this article and go into more detail in the next 9 articles:

1. Improve Health and Prevent Injuries - The main goals of any exercise program should be to improve health and prevent injuries. Because people are living longer these days, quality of life becomes a big issue. If you take care of your body when you are younger, your body will reward you....Mark, what about my chiseled body and 6-pack abs? That's easy---a well designed fitness program will give you the lean and toned body you want!

2. Fitness and Nutrition Assessment - If you've never had a fitness and nutrition assessment done by a fitness professional, you should have it done. Among other things, it will tell you how much body fat you have.

3. Postural Assessment - Many injuries happen because your posture has dysfunctions that need to be corrected. These postural deficiencies are identified during your fitness assessment.

4. Flexibility - Muscle imbalances (including tight and lengthened muscles) also cause many injuries. Your fitness assessment will tell you where your muscles are tight, weak or lengthened.

5. Core Strength - I will talk more about the core later in this series. The core is much more than your 6-pack abs! Most people have inadequate core strength. All movement begins with the core so you should strengthen it first.

6. Balance - Balance is important to prevent injuries, especially later in life. Your exercise routine needs to include balance exercises on a regular basis.

7. Body Composition - Fat loss is more important than weight loss! Resist the urge to lose pounds as fast as you can and concentrate on changing your body composition. It takes longer, but the results are permanent.

8. Resistance Training - Full body strength training is necessary to increase your lean mass and speed your metabolism. Full body strength training also corrects your muscle imbalances.

9. Cardio Training - Twenty minutes of cardio is enough to burn body fat and give you superior heart health.

10. Planes of Motion (include training at different speeds and types of contractions) - Workout more with dumbbells, medicince balls and bodyweight and less on machines. Among other things, machines limit your natural movement patterns and work you in only 1 plane (sagittal) of motion.

Keep your FOCUS! See ya tomorrow!

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