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Flushed Skin Is the New Tan

Posted Dec 09 2009 11:00am
Credit: hannadooley

Credit: hannadooley

It’s no secret that I have pale, pale skin. And I’ve been told on occasion that I have skin that has pink undertones. I’ve always known this because I’m one of those people you see at the gym who has a bright, red sweaty face no matter what activity they’re doing. And I’ll carry some of that flush around with me (at a lot less intense hue, of course) for at least a few hours post-workout. In the past, it’s been embarrassing, but I no longer see it that way. Why? Because new research from the December issue of Springer’s International Journal of Primatology shows that having a pinkish or more golden hue is reported to make you more attractive and seen as healthier by others. And if skin cancer wasn’t enough to get you to stop tanning, researchers found that those who had tans were still found less attractive than those with lighter, more gold skin.

How do you get more golden skin? Eat your vegetables and work out of course!


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