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Five tips to STOP night time snacking.

Posted Oct 25 2012 4:00am
terrible towel

this top is a SNACK-FREE zone!

Ive already shared with you the four reasons night snacking works for me.

While I think we all agreed the number is most likely higher than sixteen percent (the number of us who nibble as we watch Modern Family)—more than a few of you expressed a desire to leave your couch-snacking days behind.

Even though I can currently be found with foodstuffs as I work or TV, having worked for years as a trainer I also have a few tips up my lack-of-sleeves when it comes to snack cessation.

I give you the five tips which worked best for my clients and, as an added bonus if you make it to the end of the post, a SIXTH tip which I would use starting TODAY if I decided night time snacks no longer worked for me.


  • Be me.  As much as I say I love my night time couch snacks —I dont love to snack during football games (go steelers).  For some reason when I eat during football it becomes completely and utterly MINDLESS.  I think it’s because Im not savoring (the stuff on tv) and the result is I tune out and dont notice/taste what Im consuming.  During games I stay active. I do touch down dances for both teams.  I get moving during commercials.  Wanna stop night snacking? Be me during football games ALL THE TIME.


  • Write.  Whether youre  a blogger (sitting in front of the television or night in general is a great time to brainstorm for post ideas) or not (nightly gratitude journaling/lists rock!) seize the time you’d normally zone out and SNACK to be productive.  I know Ive found I sleep better as a result because all lingering thoughts from my day are emptied from my head and on to paper.


  • Change your routine.  Back in the day I was a fan of Dr. Phil .  I once saw him chatting with a woman who wanted to lose weight.  She lamented the fact she had candy bars in her desk.  She blamed her daily downfall on that.  In his inimitable way Dr. P (essentially) told her it was her LIFE which was making it easier for her to stay overweight.  Whether he was correct or not—it was her ROUTINE & HABITS which werent working for her.  Routine change is the swiftest way to habit change.  LOVE to snack during sitcoms? Perhaps decide NOT to sit on the couch while you watch.  Consider watching them on weekend afternoons when youre less likely to snack.  Examine your routines and see how they’re ‘not working for you.’  (<—- I miss the SANE Dr. Phil.)


  • Be certain you’re not hungry.  Sometimes we really do feel called to night snack simply because we arent ingesting enough calories during the day.  If you think this is the case—and youre not snacking out of habit or boredom—try keeping a food journal for a few days.  At the end of each day make a note of what you snacked on at night and what your hunger-level was.  Many times calorie restriction or just being *busy* can lead us into night snacking.


  • Brush your teeth after dinner.  awkward silence.  and **crickets**  and some more silence then a crapload bunch of crickets.  This would never ever ever work for me.  Id happily eat those first few post-paste bites and stick with it till the toothpaste taste dissipated.  I have a number of friends who swear by this.

There you have it.

The most misfit post ever: Five tips to stop night time snacking from a woman who night time snacks.

And so I hand the reigns over to you.

Whats your best tip to CEASE the NIGHT SNACKS if youve found it doesnt work for you?

Oh, and my best & number six tip?  OIL PULLING .  Good for you, lasts 20 minutes, and there’s no way I’d wanna snack after that.

Now you….

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