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Five healthy habits for beating energy VAMPIRES.

Posted Nov 04 2013 4:00am
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Ahhh people.

It seems we all be TIRED TIRED this time of year .

We’re coming off the Halloween High . Gearing up for holidays-to-come . And the lament I most frequently hear is how *exhausted* we all feel.

A National Sleep Foundation survey found over 63% percent of Americans aren’t getting the slumber they need and are leading groggy, tired lives.

While I can’t help you find that elusive extra hour of slumber, I do have a few ideas how we can fight energy-vampires around us and win.

I want to do yoga .

I want to PLAY .

There are weights which need hoisting .

I have trashy television to watch .

I can’t afford to be drained of energy.

As a result, Im committing to 5 healthy habits to beat back vampires & AMP UP MY ENERGY thru 2014.

Join me?

  • Make your coven eat breakfast! We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day . Studies reveal many of us don’t put this theory into practice. Research also indicates breakfast does more than spark metabolism—it’s *also* linked with lower levels of stress hormone cortisol. Stress is an energy vampire (and heart attack trigger)! Make it fast. Make it simple. Make breakfast part of your morning routine & set your day up for energy-success.


  • Hydrate (insert awkward NOT with blood joke) With cooler weather it’s easy to forget about hydration   The majority of our blood, however, is made up of water and becoming dehydrated causes it to thicken. The result is the heart works harder to pump blood through the body & we feel fatigued. There’s still debate as to HOW MUCH water we need. I tend to go with the fact *most of us* need more than we’re getting. Misfit tip: If you dont rock the water try adding in water-containing foods (yogurt, watermelon, oranges, cucumbers and broccoli etc).


  • Cut back on (afternoon) caffeine While it may cause you to weep openly feel counter-intuitive to *skip* your pick-me-up there’s science behind this. An afternoon latte provides energy for a few hours. The vampire, however, arrives at night. Caffeine remains in the body for 3-5 hours after ingesting and, if you’re sensitive, for up to 12. Even if you don’t experience difficulty falling asleep the quality of rest can be Vampired impacted by late day caffeine. MizFit tip: Almost all decaf. coffee contains a measure of caffeine. Perhaps make this the season you swap even decaf. for a hydrating glass of sparking water with lime?


  • BREATHE!!! Lately Ive noticed Im “shallow breathing.” My lungs dont fully inflate (so I yawn & feel worse) & my poor overworked cranium never gets the oxygen it needs to feel awake and alive. In an effort to keep away the energy snatchers Ive begun setting reminders to BREATHE. Once an hour I pause & take 10 slow, deep, FULL breaths. My breathing breaks are brief—but the impact on my energy level is lingering. Try it. I, too, was a skeptic.


  • Drive a STAKE through sugar (just in case you’re not on my low processed no sugar bandwagon ) Sugar, I speak from experience, is one of the biggest energy vampires around. Not ready to surrender the sweets? Perhaps include fiber with your sugary snacks. It sounds odd but fiber slows rate of sugar entry into bloodstream. Something as simple as whole grain crackers with your chocolate can mitigate the energy dip & is like SILVER to energy-vampires. Really feeling like a misfit? ROLL THAT FUN SIZED SNICKERS IN SOME CHIA . It’s far tastier than it sounds…


What do you say?

Are you in to EAT (breakfast) DRINK (lottsa H20) BREATHE and be LOW-SUGAR merry with me?

Have you already succeeded in beating away the blood energy suckers & forcing em into the Veil of the Shadows ?



Many thanks to Erica for letting me borrow her Halloween picture.

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