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Fitness Tips Exergaming With Wii And Dance Dance Revolution Video Games

Posted May 06 2008 3:01pm 3 Comments

Hi All,

Video games often get picked on for encouraging sedentary children and couch potato adult geeks. However, it doesn't have to be the case. Enter "Exergaming"--working out with video games!

Reports of weight loss and greater fitness levels are being shared in the media. But does it work?

This interesting article gives info on burning calories with a Wii and using the Wii for exercise:

Unfortunately, while you will burn more calories than just sitting in front of the TV, you won't exactly get buff.

With Dance Dance Revolution you could eventually burn 300 - 400 calories per hour, so a better workout is possible. This article gives some tips:

Overall, if bad weather or time constraints keep you from hitting the gym or the great outdoors for your regular workout, these indoor alternatives will allow you to do some kind of workout. Or if you are a gamer who was never into working out, exergaming could be your introduction to better fitness and health.

I personally have not tried exergaming--I still have a Colecovision :) but with workout possibilities like these, I just might have to get with the program--an exergaming program as a supplemental workout for me.

--Melanie R. Jordan

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Check out this posting on a Wii workout
There is apparently a new game coming out where you bounce on trampolines on wii.

I've just bought my family a wii for xmas and to be honest, it's gone down much better than any of us expected! Even my dad is playing the golf game. I have been playing on Just Dance, which is not usually my cup of tea, but it seems to be having a positive affect on my weight etc, do you think that it is worth me getting the wii fit.


This game does sound good though.

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