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Fitness Tips – Remove the Packaging Remove the Temptation

Posted Aug 26 2013 12:00am



One day years ago I came home to my mom emptying out the freezer, the cupboards and the fridge.   However, she wasn’t removing the food, she was removing the packaging!   In an attempt to lose weight my mom was removing all of the temptation.   Food companies have some of the best images of food to display to their customers.  If you think about it, in a lot of ways this is the only way for food companies to “convince”  you to buy their product over the competitors products.  That means that their pictures, color schemes, and labeling must draw you in and capture your attention long enough for you to reach out and grab the product off the shelf.  These are our to arm you with the strength to resist these marketing gimmicks inside your home!


fitness tips




Even if you decide to disregard these in your home, you will still have a greater awareness when you go to the store.   Theres a reason that all the foods in the picture above are using bright colors, big text, and appetizing images.   There’s also a reason that those are some of the most recognizable brands in the united states!    Do yourself a favor and toss the packaging to help keep cravings away.  This is especially helpful if you are the only one in the family who is trying to eat healthy!


Keeping it Healthy,




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