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Fitness Myths Exposed #7 "Morning is the Best Time to Workout"

Posted Oct 10 2012 3:56pm
Fitness Myth #7: Morning is the best time to work out. There's no single perfect time to get in those workout moves. It depends on you. If you constantly hit the snooze button to postpone a 5 a.m. workout, rethink your goals. The best time of day to exercise is whenever you’ll actually do it. That could mean lunchtime, after work or later in the evening when the kids are in bed. If working out in the evening replaces sitting on the couch, watching TV and eating junk food, do it.For many people, a morning workout plan is best because they’re less likely to be distracted later on.
As the day goes on, excuses tend to pile up and eventually workouts are skipped altogether. So, pick a time when you have the most energy, need the stress release or have the best chance of making exercise a habit. I have worked out morning, lunch time, late afternoons and early evenings and I always have my best workouts and most energy in the early to late afternoons and even evenings. Early mornings are a nice change and I do love the feeling I get after I am done and it's still not even 8am, but I know my body isn't at it's best or most efficient that early in the morning so if possible and it has worked in my schedule I have and do workout out after lunch time between the hours of 1-6pm when my body is at it's best. 

So, find that time when you're at your best and your body has the most energy and if it works in to your schedule workout at that time. If you cannot because of your schedule then find the best time that will work for you and stick with it and you can train your body to become accustom and more comfortable at the time. If it is early morning and it is hard for you, a suggestion is the go to bed early and get enough sleep and once you have trained your body to get up early to workout and get enough good sleep you will find it a little easier to workout earlier in the day. If you have to train in the afternoon or evenings when you prefer mornings you will have to do the same thing and push through being tired from the day and not wanting to workout.Get enough sleep and eat throughout the day so you keep your body fueled and ready to train in the afternoon or evenings after you've worked all day. You may not want to workout because you are tired, but you need to push through that feeling and do it anyway. Once you do you will find it will give you more energy and relieve any stress you may have from the day. No matter what time you choose or forced to workout you will have obstacles of many kind that will stand in your path way to getting and keeping fit. Push through them all,commit, and dedicate yourself to your workouts as it's part of your life and you will be a better you everyday!

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