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Fitness Myths Exposed #6 "If I work out, I can eat what I want"

Posted Oct 09 2012 2:38pm
Fitness Myth #6: If I work out, I can eat what I want. True, exercise burns calories, but not enough to make up for a daily French fry habit.Weight loss requires burning more calories than you take in. It’s just easier (not to mention smarter) to control what you take in. For example, running a mile is hard, yet it only burns 100 calories. And a grueling 3-mile run (300 calories used) won’t make up for a large 500-calorie packet of fries.But there’s good news:Great workouts can help balance an occasional high-calorie splurge. Exercise allows you to eat some of the things you crave, but you still have to eat well [regularly] to balance your diet.
You don't want to put all that hard work in at the gym doing your workouts every week only to eat up all that hard work you've done.You cannot out exercise a "bad diet" so, don't ever think you can no matter how much you exercise, eating unhealthy day in and day out will only sabotage all your hard training you're putting in. Now, if you commit to eating clean and healthy everyday you can allow yourself a designated cheat meal or cheat day once a week or once every other week depending on the shape you are in. If you are trying to get in to shape and lose weight I would suggest a cheat day once every two weeks or one cheat meal once a week. You need to put in the time and sacrifice to get to you goal weight and to the fit body you want. So, be disciplined and commit to your goal and keep any cheat meals to a minimum even if they are allowed. You will reach your goal weight faster and be much happier seeing the changes in your body then you would be with a cheat meal or even a cheat day. It's worth the sacrifice!

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