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Fitness Myths Exposed #3 "Sit-ups Blast Belly Fat"

Posted Oct 04 2012 7:43pm
Fitness Myth #3: Sit-ups blast belly fat.If you do 100 crunches, you’d expect to burn major belly fat. Unfortunately, your body just doesn’t work that way. There’s no direct metabolic connection between abdominal muscles and the fat cells surrounding them. The body pulls fat from all over. It’s sent to the liver to be converted into fatty acids, which travel back to your muscles as fuel.That means any fat your body recruits for energy when you're doing repeated sit-ups could come from the arms, thighs, butt and tummy. So what’s the secret to shedding belly fat – or any fat? Follow a balanced program of cardio and strength training, plus eat a healthy diet. But don’t give up the crunches. Even if you’re not losing tummy fat, an ab workout plan helps tone and suck in that flabby belly, giving the appearance of a slimmer waist. Plus, toning happens faster than weight loss. It’s one of the speediest ways to see changes in your body. 

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