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Fitness Myths About Hydration [My water bottle has a secret!]

Posted Sep 26 2011 12:17am

They make hydration look so easy! And so not fun!

Fitness Myth: You need 8-10 glasses of water a day.

Truth: There is no set amount each person needs. Rather it’s conditional on your age, gender, the status of your womb and especially your activity. If you are running outside on a hot day you will probably need more than that. If you are indoors doing macrame and eating grapes with your toes then you’ll need much less. According to experts, the best way to tell if you need more water is how yellow your urine is.

Fitness Myth: By the time you feel thirsty you’re already dehydrated.

Truth: “Thirst is, in fact, a very sensitive mechanism for regulating fluid intake , according to Barbara Rolls, PhD, a nutrition researcher at Pennsylvania State University. In a 1984 study in Physiology and Behavior, she and a group of colleagues at Oxford University followed a group of men as they went through their normal day. Left to their own devices, the volunteers became thirsty and drank long before their hydration levels showed any signs of dipping.”

Chances are you’ve heard these two axioms hundreds of times over the years and yet there isn’t any scientific evidence for either. This doesn’t mean that hydration isn’t important, however. Getting enough water is particularly important for us exercising types because dehydration can lead to everything from sluggishness, fatigue and underperforming to fainting, mental confusion and, you know, death. (But don’t drink too much – there is such a thing and hyponatremia can kill you too.)

I know you’re excited by all this death and mayhem talk but for most of us, it’s just a matter of making sure that we have access to clean water when we need it. As long as you don’t live in a 3rd world country you should be all set and yet so many of us are still peeing urine the color of carrot juice. I can’t speak for everyone but my two main roadblocks to properly hydrating are 1) I can never find my water bottle because my kids steal it and 2) I hate the taste of my tap water. If you love garlic then you should totally move to Minnesota because that’s what our tap water tastes like. They’re either really terrified of vampires or there’s something untoward in our water supply. (Of course, Minnesota is also the state that had garlic ice cream at our state fair this year. We even have our own garlic festival .)

So when my new Brita filter water bottle showed up, half my problems were solved. I don’t do product reviews for stuff I’m not really excited about (anymore) but I have to confess I was ecstatic when I got the offer from Brita* to be a part of their hydration challenge . Just ask the Gym Buddies how often I complain about the water at the gym. I’ve long used a large Brita water dispenser in my fridge for drinking water and having it in gym bottle form was pure genius. I took it to the gym with me to see if it would hold up to my extreme sweatiness.

Given all the fancy Shape photo shoots and cutesy tutu shots and Champion USA modeling going on up in here lately, I have a feeling some of you are wondering if a) we actually workout and b) we ever get really nasty sweaty. The truth is yes and turn-our-treadmills-into-slip-n-slides yes. It’s not that I’m afraid to look goofy and/or hideous on here. The problem is that we usually don’t remember to take pics in the middle of a good sweatfest because we’re in too much pain and also, it’s hard to hold our camera phones with slippery, shaky hands. But last Saturday Gym Buddy Allison and I took it upon ourselves to document our swoobs for you. (Swoobs = sweaty boobs) And while there was some swack and swotch going on as well that was not documented. You’re welcome.

First, you should know it was “crazy hat day” in TurboKick which I inexplicably interpreted as “Ballerina in a Hothouse.” Second, you see all that stuff on my stomach that kinda looks like my shirt has a fun print? It’s pretty much just sweat. Allison and I paused between “turbos” (the high-intensity intervals sprinkled throughout the class that give TurboKick half its name and all its barf) to snap us soaked in sweat.

All our friends got good and sweaty too – check out Jon’s hair! It’s like he showered! In sweat!

Except for Turbo Jennie. Here she is teaching her second class in a row (BodyPump) and she just has an artful sheen. (Although she has been known to tell people to stay out of her “splash zone” due to all the sweat flying off her hair.)

I, on the other hand, am rocking the sweaty bangs. And I LOVED my Brita water bottle. In fact I loved it so much that I thought I’d try and do that sexy pour-water-over-yourself model thing. Except me being me, I just got it in my eyes and almost lost a contact.

Sexy FAIL. But hey, at least I didn’t smell like garlic water!

What does your tap water taste like or do you use filtered water? How do you make sure you stay hydrated? Would you try garlic ice cream?

*Brita sent me the water bottle and a rockin’ purple pitcher free, for me to try out and there’s totally a giveaway coming for you! This post was sponsored by Brita.

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