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Fitness mission statements.

Posted Feb 25 2013 4:48am
why are we doing this?

why are we doing this?

I believe in the power of intention.

I look to my vision board as a source of motivation and inspiration.  (I also turn to my gratitude board as a reminder of what Im thankful for).

I have a personal mission statement.

Ive created a blog mission statement.

Im working on a spiritual mission statement.

We have a family mission statement.

The older I get, however, Ive realized none of the above WORK if Im not on my healthy living path.

If I dont have a FITNESS mission statement.

hooping, fila

seriously. whats the point?

What is a fitness mission statement?

  • Almost as important —-is what it is NOT.  A Fitness Mission statement is not a workout plan.  Nowhere in your statement are you committing to X race on Y day or announcing a plan to shed X pounds by Y date.
  • OK, then what the heck is it?!  Your Fitness Mission statement is an announcement of purpose.  It’s an answer to the query: why are we here? what’s the point? and is created with the backdrop of what you value in life.
  • EW! Im not motivated by flowery words, MizFit!  No worries! A Fitness Mission statement is sentences which have a GOAL that is an ACTION.  A chain of words you choose which, when read and reread and reread, spark you to MOVE.  Quantifiable not flowery vague.
why am I up here?

why am I up here?

Um. Im lost. Can you clarify!?

  • Fitness Mission statements….arent about fitting in.  As with all aspects of healthy living creating my statement took trial & error.  The result is sentences which motivate me *every time.*  I t can help to explore core values .  It can be illuminating to reflect on where youve started & challenge yourself to define where you want to go.
  • Ask yourself: “WHY AM I HERE?”  The next time you exercise (or PLAYout !) write a sentence describing EXACTLY what got you moving that day & what your end-goals are.  Specifics.  Clarity about where you are going is the surest way to get there.
why ARE we here?!

REALLY, why ARE we here?!

Are Fitness Mission Statements lists of workout routines/competition goals?

  • Fitness Mission statements are sentences which help in planning routines to achieve goals.  They’re the umbrella underneath which we place our specifics (goals/exercise programs).  A statement might read:  To live a long, active, healthy life extolling the power of play and practicing what I preach.  
  • Your statement should provide clues to answering the question: what approach to healthy living should I take? Are your goals endurance? Does your statement specifically mention flexibility? Did you choose to focus on the ZEN?
this fits my MISSION!

*this* fits my MISSION!

Are you moderately muddled? kinda confused? lets get started…

 How do I create my Fitness Mission statement?

  • Be brief Initially I limited myself to eight words.  Id definitely say a maximum of three or four sentences. Clear, concise, terse.
  • Identify your healthy living focus (for example: leadership, improved overall health, more flexible) and whom you desire to be in the fitness realm of your life. A lean mean machine? A more calm centered you? A role model? Be specific.
  • What would the *ideal* end result of this healthy living look like (yes it’s morbid but I mean endend.  once we start we’re not stopping.)?
  • Be positive. Do not include in your statement things you currently DISLIKE about yourself. PERIOD. Take any negative urge (I hate my fat thighs and stomach) and turn it inside out (Crossfit will give me the sleek leg muscles I desire).
  • Include how healthy living habits/behaviors will impact relationships.  Through the practice of yoga I will be more calm and far less tempted to rip Renaissance Man or Toddler Tornado a new one.
  • Create a statement you could use as backdrop to your life (I will do yoga consistently and grow to become more calm, have lowered blood pressure and be more present throughout my day) and which is in harmony with your PERSONAL mission statement if you have one (this was important for me. I worked to be sure that all my values were in alignment).
(pauses to serve snacks & acknowledges this post is long. and it’s the edited version.)


Quite frankly the next step is to git to writing.

And to be patient.

It can take a few tries to craft a statement where you read it and think: Ive nailed it!

For me it took writing, putting it away, rereading/tweaking and *then* I had my this is it!! moment.

I felt Id created a phrase so ‘right’ it not only inspires me to stay on track it’s energizing on the days Id much rather slack than work out.

Now you:

  • Do you also believe the body follows where the mind leads?
  • Have you written mission statements for facets of your life?
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