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Fitness- It’s Importance

Posted Sep 28 2012 9:12am

“Survival of the fittest” is an adage which we all must have come across at one point in time or the other. The term was originally coined by the great Charles Darwin to describe his evolution theory on the Origins of Species. Nonetheless, in today’s scenario this term is used in contexts which are incompatible with the original meaning of the term. Today, it is used to define the daily rigmaroles of life that one has to survive and come out stronger, and this can be done only by someone who is not just mentally fit but also someone who is physically fit.

Some decades ago anybody who was able to go through one’s daily chores without any undue fatigue could be categorized as being physically fit. But due to the evolution of technology and the involvement of automation in our daily lives, the level of fitness has degraded and that is where the need of fitness centres arises. These fitness centres or gyms can be found at various part of a city or a township and are very much the need of the hour. One of the growing names amongst these fitness centres is of Boom Fitness, located in New York City.

Typically these fitness centres are more prevalent in big cities like New York City than or as commonly known as NYC. A gym in New York is a must have because of the work culture that prevails in this city just like any other big metropolis. These fitness centres need to be world-class, should operate 24 * 7, and should have varieties of exercises on offer for its patrons. From cardio exercises , to treadmills, to group exercise classes, to yoga and much more needs to be on offer for the members and the patrons should be provided be their very own personal trainers.

Fitness in NYC and other big metropolitan cities is not just a trend but the need of the hour. With so many professionals at a very young age of 25-35 suffering from and diagnosed with burn outs, cardio problems and other health issues it is pertinent for them to be in the aware of their physical fitness. There has been so much news about young CEOs, and other high profile executives who have been in the news for having suffered from heart attacks at a very young age.

All the above health issues along with the diseases that piggy ride this evolution of automation can be fought only by embracing fitness and keeping a strict eye on one’s health. Whether it is New York City or Mumbai, fitness is the new mantra of not only the young but also the mass in general.

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