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Fitness & Beauty: Do You Workout When You Get Your Hair Done?

Posted Dec 21 2009 12:00am
I don't know what that peep is doing in this photo, but I definitely looked like this the other day...

Happy Monday, guys! SO, the weather in New York and its surroundings, as you probably know, is extreeemely cold and snowy. Even before all the snow this weekend, it's been pretty chilly. Now I usually let my wild curly hair air dry--it's low maintenance--but since I just recently recovered from the flu , I decided it was time to whip out the blow dryer...

Well, sort of...I went to the beauty salon and got my hair done. Then on Saturday night I washed and put my hair in rollers and then spent an hour or so under a hair dryer. Yesterday I spent another hour blow drying and flat-ironing it. Now I would never do this in the summer time, but under these weather conditions, I think it's totally worth it.

I am dying, however, to do some serious exercise--the kind that makes me sweat like crazy--but will my new do stop me? Nope! Taj and I are planning to workout together later this week, and I'm so excited! She will kill me, I'm sure.

So how about you, when you get your hair done, does it keep you from exercising? I know that especially for women of color like me, if the hair takes FOREVER to do (and it does) it might be a bit more of a consideration...So spill! Does a new do mean a break from the gym for a couple of days, or no?

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