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Fitness Abs Workout for People Over 40

Posted Nov 18 2009 10:01pm

When you turn 40, fitness over 40 and exercising and keeping fit won’t be the same as when you were a teenager or when you were in your 20’s. As we get older, we have to face the fact that our bodies do succumb to the wear and tear the years, work and life has put on us, so we have to start paying special attention to maintenance and health to keep us fit and healthy.

One thing you will notice is that your abs won’t be as toned as when you were younger, especially if you are not an athlete and spend more days working rather than working out. Here are some fitness abs workout tips that you can follow so help you keep your abs trim and healthy.

Regularity of abs exercises
Fitness over 40 may require you to have more exercise daily, but at a short time with quality exercise to keep you fit. 10 minutes of abs exercises may be enough daily to keep your abs fit. If daily is too much, then at least 2 or 3 times a week may suffice for those aiming to keep abs in acceptable healthy shape.

What to use for abs exercise
For your abs exercises, it may be useful to have a fitness ball or a resistance band to assist you in your abs training. This way, you needn’t have to strain your body doing sit-ups or crunches. Instead you can use exercises that will use resistance to help you tone your abs and put less stress on your back and torso.

Balancing workouts
Do other forms of exercise that will complement your abs exercises. This may be in the form of running, swimming, or even yoga. As long as you can also keep your whole body limber and fit, your abs will follow suit and stay trim as well. Maximize the movement in your abs area by consciously adding waist exercises in your stretching routine before you jog, swim, or yoga session.

When you do your abs exercise, for over 40 people, you will find that keeping a limber and toned mid-torso will also keep you healthy and active. Staying fit will make you feel better about yourself. By following these tips, you may already see results in the following 3 weeks to a month. Continuing after that will help you maintain your great body even after 40!

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