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FitLit: Mike Heatlie’s Lose 10 Pounds in 5 Weeks E-book

Posted Nov 19 2009 10:01pm

MikeHeatlie book Yesterday, I gushed about Mike Heatlie and his amazing clients’ abs (ahem, GWEN STEFANI), and we got some good advice straight from the celebrity trainer’s mouth. Well today, we’re hitting you with a review of his e-book, Lose 10 Pounds in 5 Weeks.

First, I love the feel of a good worn-in book that you can throw in your purse and read when you’re waiting in line for stuff, like the DMV, where everyone there seems to be purposely moving at a snail’s pace just to test your patience (or is that just me?). However, I’m really diggin’ that this is an e-book. It’s so green and so 2009 of Mr. Heatlie to save the trees and join the online revolution. I wonder if he drives a hybri d.

Anywho, back on track. This book was really interesting and not just filled with advice that you’ve heard 50 gazillion times, like eat less and work out. Sure, that’s good advice, but Mike gives you detailed and solid knowledge that you can put into action. And it’s sane advice. I mean, even the title isn’t selling a pipe-dream. It’s selling a 2-pound weight loss a week, which is a completely safe and reasonable amount.

The book has a strong emphasis on working out effectively and efficiently. He understands that people have lives and don’t have hours and hours to work out. The book even includes a workout plan that I adore. All you need for it is a stability ball and a set of dumbbells. I’ve been doing the workout two times a week for a few months now, and I feel STRONG. Like, don’t-mess-with-me strong. And since Mr. Mike doesn’t believe in crunches, you don’t have any of that nonsense, although you do get planks and side planks.

6173_152157709551_574179551_3563010_1198051_n Besides the workout advice, Mike also gives some really good nutritional advice, including eating in a balanced way that allows you to be healthy and not want to eat your arm. He also emphasizes how important choosing the right foods in the right quantities is so that you can show off that great figure (and abs) that you work out so hard for.

Mike isn’t afraid to get on his soapbox though. In a few parts of the book, Mike goes on a bit of tirade about the dangerous and evil health club industry, which got a little old. I know there are irresponsible clubs out there, but good clubs do exist. He is from Scotland, so maybe there all clubs suck. I don’t know. He also rages pretty hard against some common exercise equipment. But like I said, I loved his workout. And I guess there’s little point in writing a book if you have no soapbox to stand on.

Regardless, it’s worth a read. So many weight-loss books are gimmicky and unrealistic. This definitely isn’t that. AND it has proven results. Very proven results. — Jenn

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