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Fit Pregnancy: It's Baby Time!

Posted Nov 08 2009 10:01pm
As many of you have now surmised, Thursday morning found me, my Husband of the Good Genes, and my Doula Beth in the Labor & Delivery ward of the hospital at the crack of dawn. I was feeling chipper, strong and so so ready to get this baby out! Despite all my best control-freak efforts to start labor on my own (I even did Turbo Jennie's PiYo class on Monday!) - and thanks to all of you for your suggestions; I tried many of them! - my due date had arrived and the baby had not. Given my history of 10-lb babies and my "extremely favorable cervix" (Why thank you, doctor! Can I get that on a t-shirt?) my doctor decided it would be best to induce.

Thankfully since I was already so far dilated and effaced, I didn't need a medical induction (a.k.a. the dreaded pitocin) and just required a little push to get me on my way. So we snapped one last pic of the babe on the inside:

And they broke my water which for those of you non-baby-makers out there involves the amniotic sac and a very long crochet hook. I'll let your imagination take it from there.

Doula Beth had some slightly unconventional ideas for how to get my contractions going from mild squeezes to full-on pain party. Did arm wrestling work? I don't know but the laughing sure took the edge off things! (Who won? We tied but I'm guessing it is only because she felt sorry for me being in labor and all.)

Next up were some vigorous side to side lunges. Between these and the hours of walking the halls, I definitely still got my workout in! I know I look like I'm in the stage production of Patch Adams here but things were actually getting ouchie by this point.

[THERE ARE NO PICTURES OF THIS NEXT PART!] After I started sobbing in the hallway, Beth banned more walking and I banned further picture taking. Sobbing quickly moved on to screaming and then total hysteria. I am not a calm woman in labor. We'll leave it at that.

After what felt like an hour of the most excruciating pain I've ever been in (although Doula Beth said it was closer to 10 minutes), I pushed once and Baby was here! First question: "Is she really a girl?!?"

Red bow says yes! (You know they come out with those on, right?) PS> For those of you wondering about her distended belly, it's because it's full of amniotic fluid still as my one-push wonder didn't get enough time in the birth canal to get it all squeezed out. It came out later. There was much vomiting.

I was one wiped mama but so very happy to finally be holding our long-awaited girl on the outside! They handed her to me, I apologized profusely to everyone in the room and... bliss:)

Welcome home, Baby!

Dear Readers, thanks so much for your support and encouragement during this pregnancy. You have no idea how much all your comments and e-mails helped! And many thanks to my mom and family and our many friends here for all the help here! Both baby and I are doing great and recovering at home now.

Much love,
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