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Fit Point: Beating the Heat

Posted Jul 17 2010 12:40pm

This week’s fitpoint is summery!

Beat the HeatBeat the Heat

Do you let the heat get to you? Does it push you to sweat for the beach body of your dreams? How do you keep cool in the middle of a sweltering summer workout?
I don’t actually enjoy the heat at all. In fact, I have an insanely high electricity bill for running my AC all the time. So I normally don’t exercise out in the heat. I’m more of an indoor person.
Even then, it’s still hot in my house! I turn the AC up, and I turn fans on when I am exercising! I also drink a LOT of water.
If I do exercise outdoors I make sure to always follow precautions to avoid heat illnesses.
I’m also currently thinking about taking some Zumba classes as well as maybe being a alternate on a softball team this summer. :)
That’s my fitpoint! I know, it was short. I’m cramped for time. I have family coming into town this afternoon. I’m also pleased to announce fitblogs has it’s own URL now! Come check it out. :)

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